Health Promotion Forum


Optimizing brain health for well-being

Moderator: Tarun Dua, WHO


  • Helga Rohra, member of WHO GDO Focus Group of people with lived experience, dementia advocate, Germany
  • Charles Alessi, NHS, Public Health England, UK
  • Kameshwar Prasad, Ranchi Institute of Medical Sciences, India
  • Kirsty Donald, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Organised by the WHO Brain Health Unit

This parallel session will examine how brain health optimization is relevant for the proposed well-being agenda and in what ways individuals, societies and economies can address the social, biological and environmental determinants of brain health in the service of human well-being. This session will also address the proposed shift in focus away from solely disease prevention and treatment for individuals to health creation for all people and the planet, as well as shifting targets from individual behaviour and lifestyle interventions alone to creating equitable social conditions for all.