Health Promotion Forum


Health equity within the well-being challenge: new concepts, strategies, and actions

Moderator: Davide Ziveri, Ph.D., Environmental Health Specialist, Humanity & Inclusion


  • Joost van Wijchen, senior lecturer health, HAN University of applied Sciences-Netherlands
  • Djenana Jalovcic, EdD, MPA, MSc, associate professor, Department of Health and Functioning, Western Norway University of applied Sciences-Canada (female)
  • Ilona Fricke, UK chartered Physiotherapist, The Center for Victims of Torture- South Africa
  • Isabel Antón Solanas, Department of Physiatrics and Nursing; Faculty of Health Sciences; University of Zaragoza-Spain
  • Alessandra Aresu, PhD Gender & Sexuality, Global Health Director at Humanity & Inclusion NGO-Belgium
  • Maria Nordheim Alme, associate professor, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences-Norway

Organized by Humanity & Inclusion

The debate among academia and international NGOs explores health equity among marginalized or underrepresented populations through intersectionality lens.

  • The first block spotlights those who meet systemic and interlocking barriers in accessing health, namely older adults, persons with disabilities, and trauma-affected populations. The conversation will generate questions: Who are we speaking about when we talk about equity?
  • The second block shows how inclusion and participation are crucial to access health services in humanitarian settings during health emergencies. What should be done to achieve health equity?
  • The third block aims sharing good practices, focusing on a concrete strategy for including health equity in the health workforce curricula: how the global health community can promote and scale up health equity?

Promoting a wider constructive critique of current policies and social processes that limit opportunities for equity and rights of vulnerable populations, this session highlights the importance of inclusion and education in achieving the SDGs.