Health Promotion Forum


Gender-transformative leadership in practice: Health systems, gender equity and health worker well-being in a pandemic


  • BM. M.Ed. Sandra Oyarzo Torres, Department of Education in Health Science, University of Chile
  • Shubha Nagesh is a public health physician and a Disability Researcher based in the Himalayan state of India, Uttarakhand
  • Roopa Dhatt, Women in Global Health
  • Annette Kennedy, Women in Global Health

Organised by the Women in Global Health

Women, as 70% of the global health workforce and 90% of nurses, have made an exceptional contribution to health services globally during the COVID-19 pandemic. After nearly two years of surging patient numbers and an increased burden of unpaid work at home, significant numbers of women health workers are experiencing mental trauma and stress. In this session, Women in Global Health will highlight the well-being of women in the health workforce. A panel discussion with women leaders, experts in the health workforce and community engagement, will explore the promotion of well-being amongst women health workers and illustrate gender transformative leadership in practice.