Health Promotion Forum


Advancing well-being, equity and sustainable development through the workplace 

 Moderated by Wolf Kirsten, Co-Director


  • Ms Jane Gardner, Head of Health and Well-being Strategy and Foundation Programs, Lendlease, Australia
  • Leonardo Piovesan Mendoca, Integrated Health Managing Physician, Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil
  • Ms Lillian Okoth, HR Manager, African Population and Health Research Center, Kenya

Organised by Global Center for Healthy Workplace

The workplace is a key setting for promoting health as the working population spends most of their time at the workplace, wherever it may be. The potential to improve health and well-being is enormous and employers, workers and society in general benefit from the introduction of health promotion at the workplace – a so-called win-win-win situation. The session will demonstrate the value of workplace health promotion by highlighting best practices from three different employers: a medium-sized research center in Kenya, a large hospital in Brazil and a multinational construction company based in Australia. The featured programs have adopted the WHO Healthy Workplace model for action encompassing the physical and psychosocial work environment, personal health resources and the enterprise-community involvement as well as follow a continuous improvement cycle. The award-winning employers will emphasize how this approach is advancing equity as well as advocate sustainable development.