Health Promotion Forum


Health Excises as Novel Instruments to Improve Health and Well-being: The Case of Sugar Sweetened Beverage Taxes


  • Chris Lane, Non-resident fellow, Center for Global Development
  • Francesco Branca, Director, Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, WHO
  • Patrick Petit, Senior Economist, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF
  • Alan Fuchs, Senior Economist, World Bank
  • Lisa Powell, Distinguished Professor and Director Health Policy and Administration, University of Illinois in Chicago
  • Mario Mansour, Division Chief, Fiscal Affairs, IMF
  • Nandita Murukutla, Vice President, Global Policy and Research Policy Advocacy, Vital Strategies
  • Ruediger Krech, Director, Health Promotion Department, WHO

Organized by the TAX Team (HQ/HEP/HPR/TAX) in collaboration with IMF, WB, Center for Global Development and WHO NFS 

The session will discuss the importance of using excise tax policies in promoting health and well-being, with particular focus on sugar-sweetened beverage taxation as a tool to prevent unhealthy weight gain and noncommunicable diseases. It aims to advance the ongoing debate on SSB excises by presenting the latest evidence and discussing practical considerations for the efficient implementation of SSB taxes and other food taxes as an NCD prevention tool.