Deep Dives


Deep Dive 2D: Urban Health 


  • Dr Nathalie Röbbel, Head, Urban Health, WHO


  • Dr Carlos Dora, President, International Society for urban health
  • Gonzalo Pizarro, Co-chair UN Local2030 Coalition, UNDP
  • Dr Roberto Bertollini, Advisor to the Minister of Public Health, Ministry of Public Health Qatar
  • Erias Lukwago, Lord Mayor, Kampala, Uganda
  • Sheela Patel, Director, Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centers (SPARC) India

Scope: Explore the role of cities in promoting health and wellbeing, examining challenges faced (particularly in the context of Covid-19) and potential support that can be provided by WHO and other partners.

Purpose: To learn from the experience of cities in addressing challenges to health that were faced during the Covid-19 pandemic, and examine the role of governments, city networks, and WHO in addressing these.