Deep Dives


Deep Dive 2A: Mental wellbeing: a vital element of health, well-being, and equity sustainable development and pandemic recovery


  • Dan Chisholm, Senior Technical Officer WHO/MSD


  • Margaret M. Barry, President of IUHPE, Director of the WHO CC for Health Promotion Research, National University of Ireland Galway
  • Djavila Ho, Associate Clinical Psychologist, Jamaica
  • Soumitra Pathare, Director, Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy, Indian Law Society, India
  • Michael Pietrus, Director, Opening Minds, Mental Health Commission of Canada
  • Kristian Wahlbeck, Director of Development MIEL Mental Health, Finland

This deep dive will reflect on “mental wellbeing” as a crucial but often undervalued element of individual and social capital, and will discuss how its formation, promotion and protection can contribute to an economy of wellbeing as well as to the goals of sustainable development. The session will also debate the challenges in addressing the social determinants of mental health and in promoting wellbeing from a human rights perspective.