Deep Dives


Deep Dive 1C: Youth leaders champion well-being as a priority


  • Maziko Matemvu, Vice-President, Young Feminists Network, Malawi


  • Gareth Jones, Consultant, Youth Coordination Programme Support, UNAIDS, United Kingdom
  • Julieta Martinez, Founder, Tremendas Collaborative Platform, Chile
  • Desmond Nji, Cameroon Youth Network, Cameroon
  • Dr Poorvaprabha Patil, Regional Focal Point for SDG 3 at the UN Major Group for Children and Youth
  • Nojus Saad ,Founder, Youth for Women Foundation, Iraq
  • Khazana Sihwaya, Founder, 2030 Nutrition Project, Zambia
  • Marinel Ubaldo ,Climate activist, Philippines
The current generation of adolescents is the largest ever, with 1.2 billion people aged 10–19 years worldwide. By 2030, the target date for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, the number is projected to have grown by 7%, to nearly 1.3 billion. The COVID-19 pandemic is changing everything for adolescents and youth. They are experiencing transitions that will define their future wellbeing: completing education, moving into the workforce and forming life partnerships. This session will raise the visibility of youth-led initiatives on wellbeing and how they can be supported to increase their impact in their communities.